Our Mission

Our Mission at Gabriel Rehabilitation is to provide exceptional service to our clients accomplished by:

  1. Providing rehabilitation programs that are custom designed and implemented in an encouraging and supportive environment.
  2. Providing our patients with up-to-date, clean, and safe facilities.
  3. Hiring highly qualified professional staff members who are encouraged to learn and grow as care givers and community leaders.
  4. Providing patients with adequate education on their diagnosis and treatment plan to empower them and encourage them to be active in their recovery.
  5. Evaluating and purchasing state of the art equipment that is scientifically shown to help accomplish their rehabilitation goals.


We are a therapist owned private physical therapy practice.; Our vision is to provide patient centered care that not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. We offer patients a convenient location, immediate scheduling, early and late appointments 6 days a week, caring professionals and the best rehabilitation experience possible. Starting in 1997 we have passionately pursued this vision. To achieve this vision we have:

  1. Hired and maintained an experienced, caring, staff of licensed therapists only. With no aids or assistants who have a combined experience of more than 50 years in outpatient, orthopedic rehabilitation. The owner is on site and maintains a full schedule of patients.
  2. Developed specialized rehabilitation programs that are focused on treating the “whole patient.” We establish functional goals, communicate those goals to the patient and help the patient achieve those goals.
  3. Joined PTPN America’s first and largest network of independent rehabilitation providers which has the highest quality standards for therapists in the rehabilitation industry.
  4. Patients receive individualized treatment throughout the course of therapy with the same therapist to allow continuity of care and an increased level of trust between patient and therapist.
  5. We are specialists in manual therapy and believe that the “hands-on” approach speeds recovery.