Rotator Cuff Tear

“My name is Duane Cyr and I am 55 years old. I am bi-vocational in that I not only Pastor a church but also work in the construction trade. For my recreational activity, I love to play basketball and do so with a 35 year and older group of men.

Clif Rizer is a personal friend and also a member of my church. My wife and I took his Pilates classes as well.

Recently while playing basketball, trying to save an out of bounds ball by throwing it back into play underhanded, I felt a popping and releasing in my shoulder which was excruciating enough for me to fall to the ground. Not wanting to break up the game, I continued to play trying to protect my right arm. Getting caught back up in the game I tried to stop a pass and did it again, this time in terrible pain, I went home.

I called Clif to find out what I should do. He told me to ice it and that he would see me the next day. I couldn’t even lift my arm over my head. I had a torn rotator cuff and others told me I should immediately get an MRI, access the damage and have surgery. Clif said for us to work with it for a while and if there’s no improvement then consider an MRI. Within two months, I am back playing basketball and believe that I am at 90% working capacity. Others I know who have had the surgery are only at 75 to 80% and are still in pain.

The most impressive thing about Clif Rizer is his knowledge of the human body and his ability to communicate to me in simple terms how things work and why I need to follow through with the therapy plan and his compassion for others to be well and healthy. Without reservation I would testify and say not only in spiritual matters but also physically, Clif has a gift of healing.

P.S. Clif, ‘thank you’ not only for your friendship but being obedient to use your gift!

Pastor Duane Cyr

“I can now lay on my right side with no pain. I can reach high shelves to put things away. I can carry heavier objects in my right hand. I can serve, hit ground strokes, and volleys playing tennis.”

Mr. J. Mitchell

Sciatica/Back Pain

“When Clif Rizer started working with me, I was miserable. My average pain level was 6 and it went as high as 8 or 9.

Clif diagnosed my problem and gave me heat treatments and exercises to do to alleviate the problem. He also taught me how to sit, sleep, get into a car, and do other things to prevent further injury. He patiently answered my dozens of repetitious questions.

After 8 weeks my pain level was down to an average of 0-3. Now, after continuing the exercises at home, I rarely have pain. I’m thrilled.

An added surprise bonus is that I can now easily climb hills that I struggled with for many years in my New York area.

I recommend Clif to everyone I know. I hope never to see him again for problems but if I do, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

Thanks, Clif.”

Stephanie Hesse, Singer Island, FL

“I feel ‘normal’ again. I can do normal things like walk and go to the gym. My physical therapist taught me about body mechanics & posture and I had never been taught that before. I’ve been to 3 to 4 different physical therapists over the last 4 years for my back problem and nothing ever helped until now. Thank you Clif for literally changing my life!”

Mr. Stewart

“When I first came for therapy, I was having a lot of pain in my thigh & knee and had trouble walking. Since my therapy sessions, I am now able to go back to my yoga class and exercise routine.”

Mrs. S. Jones

“From my first visit I knew Clif possessed qualities that I’d not found in other physical therapists…I found him to be very professional, understanding, compassionate, and yet firm when I needed it. He had a way of explaining complex medical problems in a simple easy to understand format. After the first hour I understood my back problem and had much less pain than I had had in years! I trusted his judgment and benefited greatly from his expertise.”

Mrs. J.H.

Hand Injury

“Back in the 1990’s I had my hand crushed with a 30,000 pound machine. I was rushed to the emergency room. Every bone in my hand was crushed and the skin had exploded from the pressure. When the orthopedic on call saw the x-rays he threw his hands up in the air and said there wasn’t much that could be done. They recommended I see Dr Applebaum. Well I saw him and he sent me to Sara.

When I first arrived at therapy I couldn’t move my hand at all. I saw Sara for 5 months and each month I would follow up with the doctor. He would comment on how great I was doing and that I had a great therapist. At my last doctor visit he told me, ‘I can’t believe how well you did, I only put it back together the most important work is done by the therapist and you.’ Well it’s over 10 years ago now and I still have full use of my hand. Thank you Sara for giving me my hand back!

Mr. Bill Dearman

Neck Pain/Headaches

“Before meeting Clif I had severe migraines and neck pain almost daily for over 20 years. Within 6 treatments I had virtually no pain!! My family and co-works are shocked at the change. I haven’t had a headache now for 6 months and am enjoying activities I never thought I would do again pain free.”

Mrs. N. Martinez

“I have worked in pain for the past five years as an orthopedic surgeon. I figured that it was arthritis in my neck and that my O.R. days were numbered. I was convinced by a friend to visit Clif. After a surprisingly through evaluation that took nearly an hour he explained to me that he thought more of the problem was posture related. We pinpointed together through his detailed questions that my symptoms had dramatically increased after switching to a laptop at work. I changed the settings on the lap top and did some other simple exercises he recommended (not as often as I should have) and most of my symptoms disappeared in a few weeks… Amazing!”

Dr. A.A.

Sports Injuries

“Between my junior and senior year of high school I torn my ACL and thought that my basketball career was over. Not only did I return for my senior year I was stronger, faster, and more determined than ever. It lead me to a college scholarship that was totally unexpected before my injury. Working with Clif truly changed my life.”

Ms. Snyder

“Not only does my back feel great, I have also added 10-20 yards to all my clubs!”

Mr. Fisher


“Your facility is the best healthcare facility I have ever been a part of regarding promptness, information, and time spent with treatment. All staff from front to back have been very courteous and helpful.”

Mrs. K. Massey

“The professionalism, coupled with understanding, caring, and light-heartedness when appropriate, made my total experience here a very positive one.”

Mrs. O’Brien

“I have been to a couple of other therapy clinics both here and up North and you can not compare them when it comes to the care and entire environment at Gabriel Rehabilitation. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Mrs. Davis

“Clif was wonderful! He always took time to answer any and all of my questions. His patience made the experience a lot easier! Thank you.”

Mrs. M. King